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Sunday, September 6, 2015

PONEY, Rorschach LP (Minnesconsin Records, 2013)

By Beert

I have had the distinct pleasure of opening for Poney three of the four times they have played in Rapid City, South Dakota. They are super nice guys, who play super heavy music and have over-the-top talent in every realm of their band. They are just flat out amazing. Folks in Rapid City have caught on and realized that you don’t want to miss this band when they come to town. So, this past July, when they came through again, my band was very excited to open for them. And, as usual, we stood awestruck when they played their set. Afterwards, I ended up throwing money at them, because I wanted, nay, needed, some more Poney in my life. I already owned the Seamyth album and the 7”. But I did not have a copy of their 2013 album, Rorschach. So, I bought both a clear and a purple vinyl copy. Yeah, I’m “that guy.” Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Quite the opposite. I recorded the album on to mp3 to pick a song or two for my weekly radio show. Goddamn, it was hard to choose just one song. Be the judge for yourself. Pick up a copy of Rorschach and realize musical perfection in the heaviest degree. What follows is my review of the Rorschach album by Poney.

“Octavius” starts out as ethereal post-metal, and quickly lays into a groove. Each instrument plays off of each other and blends together into something heavy and lumbering before devolving into a hypnotic, rhythmic composition. The vocals are layered over the top, which adds to the ambience. Poney is lyrically masterful with such lines as: “I am the king of the jungle, I am the mayor of this sinking ship, I am the unworthy patron, I am Caesar at the dagger’s tip.” This song is a complete package of riffitude and amazing instrument work from all players.

“Rorschach” is big right off the bat. It has a huge sound and ultra-fills from the percussion section. It almost creates a new genre of math-metal, yet does not quite reach prog-metal, as the sound emanates from a gargantuan void. The song makes you want to scream along, with deep and guttural breath. Your head nods along easily to this one. You cannot beat the statement: “The one percent must die. The one percent must die.” Clearly, Poney has their head screwed on straight.

“Temple” rips. Fucking rips. It is one of the more straight up metal songs with a soaring guitar and killer breakdowns. The metal claw came out a few times while listening to this. I love the mix of screaming and drone-y vocals.

“Cat City” is mellow and technical at the start. Ability oozes from the band here. The song kind of has an Intronaut groove with something extra. It is a good song to listen to in the dark, while just contemplating.

“Melt Trip” has a beautiful build up into some nice guitar work. Syncopated rhythms come in quickly and create a Nation of Ulysses vibe but with more guts. “Melt Trip” gallops along and carries the listener with. It oddly brings a feeling of satisfaction and cohesion to me when I listen to it.

“Acid King” has a great start—nothing but hook with a harmonizing guitar and beautiful riffs. It leads you right into a driving thunderstorm of “fuck yes!” It is like a freight train going downhill with no breaks, until they catch for a brief breakdown moment. Then it is right back into the aural tunnels traveling through the mountain. This song is so melodically heavy and fucking brilliant! In the middle of that tunnel is a sludge pit that brings everything down and makes it slow and spacey. By the time you exit, the pace has picked up. I could listen to this song forever.

Download the album here (name your price): https://poney.bandcamp.com/
Merch here: https://poney.bandcamp.com/merch