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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Chester Bennington (1976-2017)

By SoDak

I just read that Chester Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, killed himself. In general, Linkin Park is not a band that would peak my interest or that I would devote much attention. I am not completely sure why, beyond the fact that I often do not care for much of nu metal. But, in the case of Linkin Park, I did explore some of their music. For years, I had a job in a college library. The students who I worked with would tell me about their favorite bands, which consisted of many indie bands and some nu metal groups. Many of these younger folks were ecstatic about Linkin Park, explaining that they loved the emotion within the songs and appreciated the sincerity of the words. Several of them told me that this band meant a great deal to them, as this music helped make “the world less shitty.” Whether or not, I ended liking a band, it was good for me to hear this point from a younger generation. For me, Willie Nelson, Don Williams, Johnny Cash, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, New Model Army, Subhumans, Dissent, Dead Silence, and Dead Kennedys helped me survive. This is music that I was exposed to, that my friends shared with me, and that I found. For other folks, it is going to be different music. Nevertheless, the fact that music can connect with individuals so personally is important. It is really quite an accomplishment.

Seventeen years ago, I was living in a garage that was converted into an apartment. It was dark and musty. One night, my girlfriend and I had the radio on, which was rare. We heard a song that mixed metal, grunge, and hip hop. We were slightly amused, but we also liked the chorus. It ended up being, “In the End,” by Linkin Park. The song may be an earworm, as the chorus stayed with us for days. Nevertheless, I thought about the students who really liked this band, and decided to pick up the first record, especially since it was available for a dollar at one of the local shops. We listened to it several times. My girlfriend really liked it, and to this day enjoys playing “In the End.” From time to time, I buy other records by Linkin Park, when they are a couple dollars. I tell myself that I am picking them up for my girlfriend, but it is really my own curiosity. I am still not a big fan of the style of music, but I can hear the various influences from other bands, which I like, in their songs. The dual vocals can be quite engaging. I also appreciate the sincerity of the lyrics. Over the years, I have found quite a few songs that I really enjoy. But for the most part, I remain interested in this band, simply because the music Linkin Park made connected so deeply with many younger folks who I really like. It allowed me to learn more about their lives, to open myself up to different connections, and to appreciate the important contributions of artists/musicians.

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  1. I had no idea this guy is only a year older than me, that makes his suicide all the more disturbing. I think you have to have grown up in the nineties to really understand nu-metal. Linkin Park was a bit too polished, and melodramatic for me, but they wrote solid songs that meant alot to people.