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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Anita Papsmear’s Favorite 2019 CDs

By Anita Papsmear

All the music listed below receives the 5 Smears Ranking (malignant):

1. Karen O. & Danger Mouse, Lux Prima (BMG).
Every song is perfect. It doesn’t get any better than this. “Turn The Light,” “Woman,” and “Redeemer”...just pick a track, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Foals, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Parts 1 & 2 (WB). 
This band is all things. Yannis has a voice that just doesn’t quit. Both CDs get an A+! I gravitate toward: “Exits,” “On The Luna,” “Black Bull,” and “Into The Surf.”

3. Operators, Radiant Dawn (Last Gang). 
Purrrrr. Synthy goodness permeates this CD. So happy this band exists. “Terminal Beach” is my favorite track, but “Moderan” and “Faithless” are among the many good tracks here.

4. Mark Lanegan, Somebody’s Knocking (Heavenly).
I’ve been a fan for a long time and Mark can do no wrong in my eyes. Check out: “Dark Disco Jag,” “Disbelief Suspension,” and “Name And Number.”

5. Unloved, Heartbreak (Heavenly).
Otherwise known as the Killing Eve (TV show; highly recommended by the way) house band. Unloved is one of the more unique and interesting bands out there. They combine a 50s girl-band Motown sound with a very modern vibe. It gets filtered through a smoky glaze and then, bam! Be sure to listen to cuts “Love Lost,” “Heartbreak,” and “Devil’s Angels.”

6. Band Of Skulls, Love Is All You Love (SilvaScreen).
I have loved this band for a long time and every release winds up in my top favorites. This disc has some real gems on it. Notably: “Carnivorous,” “Not The Kind Of Nothing I Know,” and the title track.

7. Purple Mountains, Purple Mountains (Drag City). 
In my opinion, this is where country music should have gone. Tunes like “Margaritas at The Mall,” “That’s Just the Way I Feel,” and “Maybe I’m The Only One For Me” encompass a dark mood tinged with humor. This CD is for those who are tired of today’s bland pop-country or just want to get in touch with their own weary inner traveler.

8. Bevin Luna, Baby Dragon (Bevin Luna). 
Post punk with great songwriting. Check out: “Get It Right,” “Alley’s On Fire,” and “Better Part Of Me.”

9. Piroshka, Brickbat (Bella Union). 
Lush fans know about this band, which incorporates a former member and adds in musicians from Modern English, Elastica and Moose. The result is a record that is warm, at times vampy, with rays of sunshine that directly fondle your musical soul. Check out: “This Must Be Bedlam,” “Village of the Damned,” and “Run For Your Life.”

10. White Lies, Five (Pias). 
Just a stellar release this time around. Every song is a gem. Notable: “Denial” and “Time To Give.”

In no particular order, all of these receive the 4.5 smear ranking (Spreading):

Ride, This Is Not A Safe Place (Wichita).

Blood Red Shoes, Get Tragic (Jazz Life).
This just might be my new favorite band!

Steve Gunn, The Unseen In Between (Matador). 
Really enjoyed this release; had me pushing repeat.

Minuit Machine, Infra Rouge (Synth Religion).
French band...lovely and dark...like my soul.

Boy Harsher, Country Girl (Nude Club). 
Nothing country here, but some cool darkwave.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Ghosteen (Ghosteen Ltd.). 
A beautiful CD for the whole family.

Amyl & The Sniffers, Amyl & The Sniffers (ATO).
Punky goodness.

Crocodiles, Love Is Here (Deaf Rock).
I have a hard on for these guys...enough said.

Andrew Bird, My Finest Work Yet (Loma Vista).
Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

Black Keys, Let’s Rock (Nonesuch).
Always a winner.

The Dandy Warhols, Why You So Crazy.

Ian Brown, Ripples (Import).

Bleached, Don’t You Think You’ve Had Enough (Dead Oceans).

Black Mountain, Destroyer (Jagjaguwar).

Underworld, Drift Episode 5 (Smith Hyde).

Sturgill Simpson, Sound & Fury (Elektra).

The Claypool Lennon Delirium, South Of Reality (Prawn Song)

TR/ST, Destroyer Parts 1 & 2
Lots of yummy here.

Tallies, Tallies (Kanine).

Marble Arch, Children Of The Slump (Geographie).

Guilty Pleasures:

Lizzo, Cuz I Love You (Atlantic).
The world needs more Lizzo...now.

David Hasselhoff, Open Your Eyes (Cleopatra).
This guy sang his pants off on this one. Thirteen covers ranging from Lords of the New Church to the Archies. The Jesus & Mary Chain cover is one of my favorites. His version of “Heroes” is a keeper.

Garden Of Delight, Eternity (DMG Germany). 
Check them out. Covers of Tears for Fears, NIN, and the Hooters, slurpy goodness.

The 69 Eyes, West End (Nuclear Blast).

Liam Gallagher, Why Me? Why Not! (WB). 
So, you got your Noel’s and you got your Liam’s and never the twain shall they meet. They are both good. They are both still putting out Oasis CDs. Got you covered no matter how you slice it.

Best Songs:

Tom of England, “Sniffin’ at the Griffin,” from Sex Monk Blues (L.I.E.S.). 
OMG...this song! (insert many heart emojis here!).

Purple Mountains, “That’s Just the Way I Feel,” from self-titled CD (Drag City). 
See above. This CD is everything right now. Here’s a lyrical gem of an excerpt: “Course I’ve been humbled by the void. Much of my faith has been destroyed. I’ve been forced to watch my foes enjoy ceaseless feasts of schadenfreude. And as the pace of life keeps quickening beneath the bitching and the bickering. When I try to drown my thoughts in gin I find my worst ideas know how to swim.”

Wintersleep, “Beneficiary,” from In The Land Of (Dine Alone). 
I literally cannot stop singing this song. It’s such an important song for most all peoples in North America and should be sung in every school. And I quote, “I don’t know why I’m a history of violence. All my days I wake up, open my eyes, a beneficiary of a genocide. Drive to work all day, go to sleep at night, a beneficiary of a genocide.” I mean, fuck. That captures our country’s history and ugly indignation right there. They are a great Canadian band by the way.

The Murder Capital, “More Is Less,” from When I Have Fears (Human Season).

PJ Harvey & Gillian Anderson, “The Sandman,” from All About Eve Soundtrack (Import). 
It’s a cool collaboration, plus dreamy and floaty.

Lunar Twin, “Electric Lights” (Lunar Twin).
If you’re a P’smear fan, you know I dig me some Lunar Twin. Their first EP, Night Tides, made my favorites list a couple years back. This track comes from their highly anticipated new CD, Ghost Moon Ritual, due in early 2020. Bryce’s deep, luscious voice and Chris’s beautifully haunting melodies are a must for every dark soul’s collection.

Found A Bit Late:

She Drew The Gun, Revolution of Mind (Skeleton Key).
So fucking good and they have a lot to say.

Graham Coxon, The End of the Fucking World (Soundtrack/Graham Coxon). 
This guy is awesome. Great songwriting, raucous fun.

Confidence Man, Confident Music for Confident People (Heavenly). 
Fun, funky pop goodness.

Best Stoner CD:

Aero Flynn, Aero Flynn (Ooh La La).
Inhale, exhale. Inhale a few more times...then let your mind drift.

Other Releases Of Note:

Temples, Hot Motion (ATO).

Jamie Lenman, Shuffle (Big Scary Monsters).
Some real fun covers on here. Definitely worth picking up.

Methyl Ethyl, Triage (4AD).
Great band, great release. You won’t be disappointed in a Methyl Ethyl CD.

Twin Temple, Twin Temple Brings You Their Signature Sound...Satanic Doo-Wop (Rise Above Ltd.). 
Although I wish they were a little more dirty (ala The Cramps), the stage show is guaranteed to turn your soul the blackest of blacks.

Best Posthumous Releases:

JJ Cale, Stay Around (Because).
Great collection of songs here from a real legend.

Joe Strummer, 001 (Ignition Ltd.). 

Disappointed in: Receives a 2 smear ranking (Benign):

Chromatics, Closer To Grey (Italians Do It Better).
Let’s get one thing straight between us (that’s what he said), I absolutely love The Chromatics, but this is not my favorite release from them and it left a bland taste in my mouth. I recommend rinsing with their back catalogue.

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